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5 acres & cabin "photo in 2004"

Five acre hunting camp property for sale in St. Louis County, Minnesota. 
Due to the small acreage of this property, it gives someone the chance to get a hunting camp at a very reasonable price. Normally you would have to buy at least 17 acres.
It is surrounded by thousands of acres of hunting land open to the public. Deer, grouse, and black bear are in abundance. There are many logging trails and roads on this land all around. According to the August 2004 issue of "Outdoor Life", St. Louis County is one of the counties with the most record book bucks in the USA. This fall, in one afternoon of driving around within a few miles of the property, we counted 79 deer. This was from the truck, not getting out and walking around.
Currently it has a dilapidated log cabin on it, with electricity brought to the land up to a pole close to the cabin.   No running water or sewer. It does have an outhouse. 
 Because of the electric pole and small existing cabin, it is grandfathered in as a buildable property. According to the planning department of St. Louis County, if you want to build on the property, there are two ways to do that.
1. You can get a land-use permit (there is a cost to this) and you can build additions or a garage onto the existing cabin. At this time the cabin itself would have to be repaired as well, as you build onto it. It possibly needs work on the roof, the floor needs to be replaced, maybe the windows, and I'm not sure what else. As long as you make it a part of the structure you are building, the permit is what is required.
2. The second option is to build in a totally new spot. You would need to apply to the county board to get a variance for that, and the board might or might not approve your plan. So don't tear down the cabin first! Normally you need 17 acres to build in this county, so these options seem quite a bit more affordable. You might find this site useful: Feel free to call Ruanne at the planning and zoning dept. at 800-450-9777 or if you have questions about being able to put in a sewer, you can call Gary Collyard at 218-262-0143.
Depending on the size, if you were to build a new addition to the log cabin, there might be enough large trees right on the property to do that. The existing cabin has had the back wall removed and there is some type of old camper connected to the back. That does not seem to us to be of any value, and would have to be removed in order to build onto the cabin. The cabin is quite small. Not really big enough as it is to build bunks, cooking area, etc. in there. There is an easement along one side of the property which goes from the road back to the property behind this property, and also gives you access to drive further back onto this property. There is a spot off the easement which looks like it would be good for a clearing to make a corral, if you wish to bring in horses or mules.
Many families up here buy property together, then build a camp and share it during hunting & fishing seasons. This is a great way to share the costs, if that is a consideration.
Please check out the pictures and the map, where the green color shown is hunting area open to the public. The map shows about a six mile by six mile area. There is a deer trail going north and south on the west side of the property and you should have room to put up two deer stands on it. The land is considered partially wetlands, and some of it, especially the back of the property, away from the road, cannot be driven across at times as it gets too marshy. 
But this still leaves a good area towards the front side of the property to build a cabin, hunting camp, corral, or whatever you might have in mind. The five acres is all wooded except for the easement road.

Location: According to mapquest, from Minneapolis to the land would be just under a four hour drive. The closest large town to this property is Hibbing, Minnesota. If you can do mapquest from your location to Toivola, the following are the directions from there. Turn right onto 52, and the road becomes gravel. Drive 1.4 miles and you will cross a bridge with a public access. Go .4 more miles and turn left onto County 83. After 3 miles, turn right at T onto 83 and 230. After 2 miles road curves sharply left (north) still on 83. Property is 1/4 mile up on the left after the sharp curve.

There is a little dilapidated storage shed close to the road, which you may or may not see. Both corners by the road are marked with t-posts, and you will see the lane on the north side of the property going east and west, but the old lane to the cabin is overgrown. The farm across the road has an address of 1416 County 83.

Land is sold as is.

Closing costs to be paid by the buyer along with the purchase price to the seller. The seller will obtain all information needed and will submit all closing paperwork to the county.

This land is "torrens property", which means the owner of the land has a title to the land, and the county keeps the original, which saves the cost of updating the abstract for each time it is sold.

Closing costs include: Warranty deed filing (recording) fee $39.50. Deed tax ~ calculated at .0033 times the purchase price. Document preparation: $88.90. Taxes for the first half have already been paid by current owner.

Title insurance, if wanted, will be the responsibility of the buyer.

Please email if you have any questions at all.

Twin Fawns Along Cabin Road

Map; Green Color is Public Hunting Areas
Map Area is about 6 Miles Wide by 6 Miles High

We are asking $10,500.