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The Lake


Loon lake is actually three lakes connected together. East, Middle, and West Loon Lakes.  
Lawrence Lake flows into Loon through a culvert.  Loon, in turn, flows into Sybil.  From there the water flows into Long Lake and on into the Ottertail River. The Ottertail River connects to the Red River flowing on up to Hudson's Bay in Canada.
During the depression, CCC workers built up the road bed between the spawning bay of Middle Loon and Sybil lake. The high placement of the exiting culvert raised the level of the three lakes causing them to become connected by two narrows.  
Both narrows can be navigated by boat.  Raising the lakes also created several small islands and bays.  Loon Lake has lots of "structure" for fishing, as well as open water for skiing and other water sports.  Even on windy days there are places to get to calm water.
Bluegills, crappies, largemouth bass, walleyes, and northerns can be found in the lake. The west bay of East Loon, where Hud's Place is located, is one of many good spots to fish. Every type of fish in the lake can be caught in this bay.  Even right off our dock.


Here are a few DNR links to Loon Lake.



Over the last few years nature has crept back in around the dock area as you can see in the photos below.   We are in the process of clearing it back just a little ways.
The new dock is 16 foot square, the steps down to it are also new. The main dock is large enough for several to sunbathe on or fish right from the dock. Boats can be tied to either side. The walkway out is 4 feet wide and 14 feet long making a total dock length of 30 feet.
The water is about 6 feet deep at the end of the dock.  The deepest part of the bay is about 18 feet. 
East Loon is 80 feet at it deepest.  Middle Loon is about 30 feet deep.  West Loon is somewhat deeper than 100 feet.
The Lake Association has placed two "No Wake"  buoys at the mouth of  our bay .  This is to keep the faster boats out in the main portion of the lake. We ask that our guests also navigate the bay at a slow speed untill past the buoys.  The two buoys are just outside to the right of the photo below.


View Down the Steps to the Dock

Lake View of Dock

During the summer we do supply a 14" aluminum row boat.
Row into the bay for fishing or supply your own gas or electric motor to fish the whole lake. You are welcome to bring your own boat as well.
 Non-residents can now spear northerns (and rough fish) in the winter months with the proper license. It is also legal to now fish and spear at the same time in a fish house. 
We are right next to the Minnesota Snowmobile Trail System.
Tullabies are also a late winter fish that can be caught on the lake. These are the fish that can be seen on a calm summer evening, jumping out in the middle of the lake.
If you are a bullhead fisherman, Middle Loon has some of the best tasting bullheads anywhere.  People come to Loon Lake from hunderds of miles away, just to fish for them.