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About Us

Harry (Hud) and Charlotte Huddleston vacationed in this area along with both sets of their parents back in the early 1960s.  In 1966 they decided to look for a resort to purchase. 
Purchasing Gibb's Resort on Loon Lake, they moved the family up here from Nebraska in the fall of 1966.  The resort then became Hud's Resort.
Selling the resort in 1978, Hud and Charlotte kept some of the lake shore property and built their retirement home on a spot that he had chosen many years before while cutting firewood for the winter.  They spent many wonderfull years together at "Hud's Place". 
Homes have been built along the lake on both sides of the property, but Hud kept just over 3 acres, to keep his place somewhat secluded from the other homes.
Dad (Hud) passed away in 2010.  Mom (Charlotte) then wanted to move into town. The kids had decided to purchase the house and now want to share "Hud's Place" with others.
Three of the six children live close by.  When arriving at Hud's Place, you may be greeted by Rich, Steve, Shana, or their mother Charlotte.
Shana, the youngest, and Steve grew up on Loon Lake.  Steve fished, speared, trapped, and hunted along the shores of Loon Lake during his younger days.  Rich, the oldest of the kids, has also spent many years up here, moving his family north in about 1984. Some of the third and fourth generations live in the area as well.

Hud & Charlotte

Rich, Saunny, Judy
Shana, Steve, Shari


4 Year Old, Levi
His 1st limit of northern pike


3 Year Old, Toby
Sunny day on the ice.